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- Towel tissue roll dispenser.
- Front cover made of ABS, nickel plated with satin finish (acid coating, copper layer, double nickel plating and final layer of transparent varnish)
- Support made of black ABS, high quality and resistance.
- Key lock, level indicator and hinged cover.
- Suitable for rolls with maximum diameter of 210 mm., delivers precut towels, 28 cm long each.
- Latest technology, low consumption.
- No lever, handle, battery or power required.
- Inner steel blade to cut paper, entirely protected, cannot be accessed from outside.
- Operated manually by only touching the tissue
- Easy to replace existing roll.
- Internal mechanism of simple functioning, easy to access.
- Gentle traction of paper for easy auto-cut.
- Security wheel on the side to ensure paper delivery.
- We only touch the towel we are going to use .
- Avoids cross contamination between users.
- Easy to clean and maintain, long lasting life.
- Low paper consumption.
- Sturdy and resistant.
- Integrated into nickel plated range, similar appearance to inox satin finish.
- Only cuts and delivers towels at the moment of use.
- Includes pictogram with mode of use.
- Thanks to its low consumption is particularly recommended for places with high traffic of people.
- Recommended for collectivities and public toilets.

Data sheet

Nickel Plated
Paper dispensers
Type of Refill
1 roll 191-210 mm, max Ø 210 mm, mandrel Ø 36-45 mm
Roll max Ø

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