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Corridor® Daily S 780

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Wiping care based on water-soluble polymers
  • Particularly well-suited for sports floor coverings in sports halls, gymnasiums or multi-purpose halls, for water-resistant floor coverings, such as PVC, rubber, lino, sealed parquet and cork, and artificial or natural stone

Product benefits
  • Water-soluble polymer-based
  • Cleans and cares in a single step
  • Very good wetting properties
  • For application with a single-disc machine or high-speed machine
  • No layer build-up
  • Slip-retardant
  • Tested according to FMPA DIN 18032/2 for sports floors
  • Self-shining
  • Prevents heel and tread marks and is dirt-repelling
  • Suitable for use in cleaning machines

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