Our enterprise policy is that products must be certified, as a proof of quality and security for clients. In this sense, Tifón hand dryer has passed all the tests and checks required to obtain the German Certification GS. This certificate confirms that hand dryer Tifon has been conceived respecting the highest quality standards, as confirmed by SGS, TÜV AND FIMKO, independent certification companies.

GS (TESTED SAFETY) is a voluntary certification mark, applied to finished products, confirming that the products respect all the legal requirements of the German Products Security Law (ProdSG). It includes some essential characteristics of the product such as electrical and chemical safety, lack of dangerous materials, ergonomics, noise and finally, it also includes the evaluation of the product made by the manufacturer, who must carry out annual inspections of the premises.

This certificate is optional; however it is recognised worldwide as being a sign of quality assurance and reliability, and it can only be issued by independent and authorised certification agencies. This mark protects the brand’s reputation and prevents any risks related to security of inappropriate products, and it ensures that the product will stay in the market, as it respects all the requirements.