1. Ordered products can be (depending on the customer's choice) picked up at the store's headquarters or delivered to the store's customers via the forwarding company to the address indicated in the order.

  2. Shipping can be made only in Poland

  3. The cost of delivery depends on the value of the order, its weight, size, payment method and delivery method.

  4. The fee related to the shipping is included in the order amount

  5. At the express request of the customer, the transport fee can be included on a separate VAT invoice

  6. Delivery of the goods takes place to the address indicated in the order.

  7. All changes in the delivery address of the order are only valid after confirmation by phone with the Store employee.

Delivery time

  1. Time after which the customer will receive the ordered goods=delivery time + estimated delivery time.

  2. The basic delivery time is 3 working days. In special cases (custom-made goods imported from abroad), the delivery time may be extended to 30 business days.

  3. The customer is informed by phone or via e-mail about a change in delivery time or inability to complete the order.