The company Jofel does not have its branch in Poland. JFL Polska is the Polish authorized distributor of Jofel in Poland.
Jofel is an international company that manufactures, sells and distributes equipment for professional hygiene and cleaning. The company has been present on the international market for over 30 years, operating in over 80 countries on all five continents.

Jofel is a comprehensive supplier and benchmark in the latest generation of products due to the quality and wide range of products available, the service offered and research and development in the professional hygiene and maintenance sector
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Our business is mainly developed in the institutional market. We have the most extensive and complete portfolio for this sector, with a solid sales and distribution network in all countries in which we are present, being a leading company in Spain and Mexico.

Where are Jofel products manufactured?

Production is conducted in Spain and Mexico, which ensures Jofel has an international industrial character to get closer to the world market thanks to products adapted to specific needs and specifics. Ongoing works of the R & D & I department enable the creation of new solutions from day to day. JOFEL is an international group specializing in the production of hygiene equipment and paper. The group has four factories in Spain and two in South America. It holds the position of the world's leading manufacturer of hygiene products for offices, industrial plants, healthcare centers, hotels, restaurants and other similar jobs.

Our offer includes:

  1. liquid and foam soap dispensers

  2. towel and toilet paper dispensers

  3. hand and hair dryers

  4. internal and external bins and basket-ashtrays

  5. handrails and handles for the disabled

  6. bathroom accessories

  7. cleaning and hotel carts

  8. changing tables for children and babies,

  9. insecticidal lamps,

  10. toilet paper and paper towels

  11. hygiene pads

  12. air fresheners and fragrances

  13. insect repellents

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